Getting Married? Don't Fixate on the Forecast!

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Here is a complex graph (courtesy of my expert Google Draw skills) displaying the expected Hokitika rainfall (in mm), the week leading up to Charlotte & Daniel’s wedding.

Pretty grim right?

WRONG! Well, not according to this couple’s wedding playbook.

You see, Charlotte & Daniel didn’t just tolerate the weather - they invited 100 of their dearest friends and family and got married in it!

Sure, it was wet. Really wet. In fact, the following Forrest Gump quote sums up this wedding’s meteorological madness quite aptly:

We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin' rain, and big ol' fat rainrain that flew in sideways, and sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath
(and I know you just read that in a Forrest Gump voice)

But you see, a perfect wedding is not defined by the how stunning a wedding dress looks, or how fancy your venue is or - indeed - how perfect the weather turns out to be. A perfect wedding is not defined by anything as superficial as that.

A perfect wedding is defined by you. Charlotte and Danny had a choice that day. They could’ve chosen to brave the elements, get themselves and their guests significantly wet and wed in the exact spot they’d dreamed up months earlier, or they could play it safe and get married inside - in a hired marque.

This is what they chose….

To me, this was the perfect wedding. Charlotte and Daniel didn’t allow an external variable - totally outside their control - define their day. Their optimism and zest for life obliterated those storm clouds on the 19th January 2019.

And I got to film a wedding I’ll remember for the rest of my life…. (and got a mouthful of statically charged veil to show for it)

Photo credit:  Tanya Salter Photography  - check her out, she’s a legend here on the Coast.

Photo credit: Tanya Salter Photography - check her out, she’s a legend here on the Coast.