Kia ora I'm Andrew!

I’ve always loved being behind a camera. My dad was a school teacher so I was fortunate growing up always having access to the latest and greatest camcorders (they weighed a ton in the 80’s!)

My early projects were painstakingly edited by cross-dubbing VHS to VHS and I even remember filming rolling credits off a computer screen!

Later, during my time as an outdoor instructor, I tried my hand at making bush safety videos. It's fair to say my best attempt - Decisions over Troubled Water - didn't get picked up by any studios. Or anyone really.  Inspired by The Blair Witch Project (which I fair dinkum thought was legit at the time), while tramping with Scouts, I made a no-budget horror -When Bushes Attack. It was no Bad Taste, but certainly better than the last 49 Adam Sandler movies. 

1989 (aged 8 years)
I've got my parents to thank for nurturing a creative spirit.


'The Mint Trip'
Our humble but cozy home away from home while I film your wedding!

My World

I'm a father of two and husband of one. Heather and I have lived and worked across New Zealand but are now proud to call the West Coast home. We live in a small town called Kumara. I have previously worked as a school teacher and outdoor instructor and am enjoying, with my wife, installing a love of the outdoors in our children (& capturing it all on film along the way of course!)

Heather is an avid Instagrammer. Follow our family adventures here!


Weka Films founders and co-founders: Heather, Andrew, Stella (6), Walter (4)

Let Weka Films tell your story!

Whether I’m filming your wedding, promo, event or special memory, let the camera capture all the little moments. It’s in the details that you will find a story emerge. I prefer to remain in the background, with a ‘wandering weka’ approach, not just to capture the main events, but the subtle moments that will help craft a unique, authentic and meaningful narrative. That's not to say that if I see something good, the 'hungry' side of this Weka might just come in for a peck (not in a weird way...that was just a poetic way to say I might offer some direction). 


The Weka. Wonderful and just a little bit wicked.

Photos courtesy of many talented photographers I have worked with